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How to remove virus and malware from your android phone?

Nowadays, android phones have been a helpful and convenient tool in our everyday tasks at home and even at work. There are several apps that help to organize our everyday tasks, and make it faster and easier to accomplish. But have you ever gotten into malware or virus that affects the speed of your android phone? Slower phone brings slower output, and costly time.

But do not fret. Getting rid of your phone’s sluggishness, is as easy as 1,2,3, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Boot your phone into safe mode.

How to do that? For most android devices, all you have to do is to long press the Power button, then a pop up window will come out asking that you reboot your phone. You just simply press OK to reboot your phone to safe mode. But what if the malware suppresses your Power Menu? In that case, you got to Force Reboot your phone. To do that, you just Press and hold the power button for ten (10) seconds. After ten seconds, your phone shall restart. While it restarts, you got to press and hold the volume up and down for another ten (10) seconds. Eventually, you shall see your screen on a Safe Mode. The “Safe Mode” watermark shall be seen on the lower left of your screen. Why turning into safe mode? A Safe Mode is your android without third party apps, which includes the malware and viruses. When your phone is in safe mode, your phone is not getting slow because of the malwares, and all the apps will not run. But do not worry the apps are safe. Also, when your phone is in safe mode, your phone is safe from Factory resetting. That means you shall not loss any data.

Step 2: Uninstall the virus or malware.

Once your phone is boot into Safe Mode, simply head to Settings, then scroll down, then find the Apps. In the Apps you shall find all the downloaded Apps in your phone. Browse through the downloaded Apps and you will see the malicious apps that you have just downloaded. Should you see such apps, just click Uninstall.

Step 3: Restart your phone.

You may restart your phone or turn it off. Once your phone is turned on, you shall notice that your phone gets faster.

As simple as these steps, you will be free of malware or virus in no time. Getting malware removed means getting your tasks done, faster. Just always be careful on downloading apps. And remember, as what they always say, think before you click.

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